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Spirians: The Beginning has been released and has earned another five star review by Reader’s Favorite.

“Spirians: The Beginning by Rowena Portch is an interesting novel. I’m not an avid paranormal fiction reader, but when I do read one, I expect the novel to be perfect. Spirians: The Beginning was that and more. The story was well paced and perfect. I was never bored or wanting to skip a few pages. Shanuk’s dilemma is described beautifully and his attraction to Calla was very well timed. Armen, of course, was awesome. I wish I had a guardian angel like that. The story is brilliant.”

— Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

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To see your true potential, you must look past your expectations.

Why does evil exist in the world? Archangel Armen knew a time when Earth existed in peace, until Lucifer challenged the Spirit for equal ruling. Lucifer was cast from the Ethereal Kingdom, along with his followers, known as Shadows, and evil was born. To restore peace, the Spirit sent Archangels to live as Protected Spirians: gifted souls created to maintain a balance against Lucifer’s powerful will. Nevertheless, the Shadows have long been in the ascendant and Armen felt the threat of extinction—until Shanuk, a cocky young warrior, reveals gifts that Armen has never before witnessed.

Shanuk shows promise, but power does not come without a price. Shanuk can mature into the most powerful Spirian in history, or become a devastating Shadow. Like most Spirians with formidable gifts, venturing to the dark side is a tempting choice—one that has not escaped the Shadows’ notice. Bayour, Shadow leader and a puissant adversary, wants Shanuk to join his horde and rule by his side. If he succeeds, the Protected will be annihilated.

To complicate things further, Shanuk has bonded with Calla, a gifted healer who has attracted attention of her own. Shanuk finds himself battling between what is right and what is expected. When his illusion of truth is shattered, how will he react? Whom will he trust? Will he rise above the chaos, or fall into the Shadows’ illusionary web?


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Shifter, Spirian Saga Book 7

A Readers’ Favorite Five-Star Book:Five Star Award Badge

“Inspiring, profound and riveting, Shifter is destined to be a best seller.”
~  Bil Howard, Professional Reviewer for Readers’ Favorite

The Spirian Saga continues with Shifter, bringing back familiar characters and an old grudge that resurfaces as a new and surprising conflict between the Spirians and Shadows.Standing at the apex of this conflict is Zebastian, a young Spirian with unique gifts that raise concern among his clan. After escaping the Shadows’ clutches, he is accused of killing his brother and is branded a monster. Now banned from his clan, Zebastian confronts the crossroads that divide good and evil. Have the Shadows destroyed all that is pure in him?Kaili, a feisty female with high standards, has shunned every male who has tried to know her, earning her the detested title of “Ice Queen.” That is until she meets Zebastian, a wolf shifter with a dangerous side that intrigues her spirit. Pursuing him, however, comes with a price. Is it one she is willing to pay?Time runs short as the Shadows rise with forces that threaten the Spirian clans. Will the Spirians prevail over impossible odds or will the Shadows rise the victor and claim a promising prize that ensures future conquests?

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Aeneas-Front-CoverRowena’s new novelette, Aeneas, is now available at and

A Readers’ Favorite Five-Star Book

Forged by the famous alchemist Hermes Trismegistus, the sword Aeneas is sworn to work magic for the one who wields it. In the wrong hands, however, Aeneas could destroy all that is good in this world, creating a hell of nightmarish proportions. Spirian Connor seeks the sword because it once belonged to his Angel father Avel when he was a human; Connor believes the sword will allow him to forge a connection with his father. But the Shadows also seek the sword, and when Connor finds himself falling in love with one of their kind, he is faced with the most difficult choice of his life.

Five Star Award Badge

“Portch keeps the pace moving, the plot thickening, the characters fighting, arguing, and loving to the last page. Shifter, like all the Spirian Saga, is a refreshing new take on paranormal fiction, using several elements from other supernatural tales, but adding new twists to them. The books are better written than the Twilight novels, and Portch’s world is just as complicated and entrancing as Meyer’s. Furthermore, Portch began writing her novels long before Twilight was published. These stories are also more adult than the Harry Potter series. Portch’s characters feel like real people, and despite their supernatural abilities, they are very human in their emotions, behaviors, wants, and needs.”

~ Tyler Tichelaar, contributor for Blog Critics and award-winning novelist

Honorable MentionRead what Dianna Skowera of Readers’ Favorite says about Fealty, Spirian Saga Book 6

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